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Bad Acid Records
Bad Acid Tab 6.jpg
Record label information
Founded 1995
Distributors Plastic Head Distribution
Genre(s) Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Based in Dorchester, England
Website Myspace

Bad Acid Records was a short-lived label formed by Dave Gedge, who also composed Bad Acid Magazine. The magazine lasted for a few years, with three issues between 1996 and 1998, issues two and three illustrated by Arik Roper. The label on the other hand put out five releases, all of which in 1998.

Nearly a decade after the label and zine came and went it would return with Tab 4, released in 2007. This release featured a DVD featuring numerous interviews, MP3s contained within the disc composing nearly six hours of music and a 104-page print magazine featuring an illustrated cover by Malleus.[1]

Several more issues in this DVD/zine style would follow: Tab 5 in January 2008,[2] Tab 6 in 2009,[3][4] Tab 7 in 2009[5] Tab 8 (2009)[6] and Tab 9 (2010).[7] Finally a triple-burnout issue was composed to close out the series in 2010, comprising three volumes in the label's biggest release to date.[8][9]

Bad Acid would briefly continue as a podcast known as Blotter.[10]


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