Baby Bones
Baby Bones
Background information
Also known as Teenage Teeth
Origin Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Genres Stoner Rock, Indie Rock, Punk Rock, Rock and Roll
Years active 2016 - Present
Labels Gubbey Records
Associated acts Blind Tigers, Broken Spurs, Freddie Was a Boxer, Furlong, Prozax, Funkus, Mr. Samples
Website This is Baby Bones

Baby Bones are a stoner rock/punk band from Louisville, Kentucky. Forming in 2016 by a trio of musicians in the Louisville underground scene, Baby Bones mix sounds of raw, heavy rock and roll with elements of punk and alternative.


Baby Bones - Pay Us In Dimes

Baby Bones - Pay Us In Dimes

Baby Bones was formed in early 2016 when Brandum's previous band Blind Tigers had called it a day and began jamming with Rucinski, interested in composing new music. With Thomas Burgos at the helm as a second guitarist the trio began composing a host of songs. The band would contribute their first studio recording ("Pay Us In Dimes") to a Planned Parenthood benefit compilation entitled We Have a Bevin Problem on 22 June 2016.[1]

The band would spend the next year working on material for an EP with mastering done by New Alliance East on 11 September 2017. With CDs and cassettes ready, the band would compose a video for "Pay Us In Dimes" and announce a release party for Curse of The Crystal Teeth circa 14 April 2018 at Kaiju in Louisville, KY (With The Archaeas, Total Void)[2]. The band also performed a secret show under the alias "Teenage Teeth" on 21 March 2018 at The Cure Lounge (With Ricky Hell & The Voidboys, Violin Bruh)[3] Throughout 2018 and 2019 the band would perform several shows in the Louisville area, beginning work on a debut album through the summer and fall of 2019.


  • The Curse of the Crystal Teeth (EP) (2018, Gubbey Records)


  • Dave Rucinski - Guitar, Bass, Vocals (2016 - Present)
  • Thomas Burgos - Guitar, Bass, Vocals (2016 - Present)
  • Jason Brandum - Drums (2016 - Present)
  • Tony Downs - Bass (2018 - Present)

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