Au Ellai
Studio album by Ea
Released February 25, 2010
Genre Funeral doom metal
Length 52:02
Label Solitude Productions
Ea chronology
Au Ellai

Au Ellai is the third full-length album of the funeral doom metal band Ea. It was released on February 25, 2010. This is the epilogue of the Ea trilogy, preceded by Ea Taesse and Ea II and was reissued digitally on September 10, 2019. In this year, the band's unofficial location was set to Antartica.

Musical style Edit

The album combines the conceptions laid in their previous albums: exalted lightness of Ea Taesse and severe darkness of Ea II. The unique atmosphere fuses epic funeral doom with atmospheric ambient adding touch of classical music to the canvas. 

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Aullu Eina"   23:47
2. "Taela Mu"   10:07
3. "Nia Saeli a Taitalae"   18:08
Total length:

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