Asva circa 2009.
Background information
Origin Seattle, Washington, USA
Genres Drone, Doom Metal
Years active 2003 - Present
Labels Web of Mimicry, Dos Fatales, Enterruption, Southern, Hydra Head
Associated acts Burning Witch, Goatsnake, Earth, Sunn O))), Master Musicians of Bukkake, Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle
Website Facebook
Current members G. Stuart Dahlquist, Jake Weller, Greg Gilmore, Toby Driver
Past members Dylan Carlson, Brad Mowen, Andrew McInnnis, John Schuller, Trey Spruance, Troy Swanson, Jessika Kenney, Billy Anderson, Daniel La Rochelle, Milky Burgess, Holly Johnson, Ben Thomas, David Webb, Rick Troy
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Asva are a drone/doom band originating from Seattle, Washington, USA. Notably, it is the primary musicial project of G. Stuart Dahlquist after his involvement with Burning Witch, Sunn O))) and Goatsnake.


Asva was formed sometime in 2003 by G. Stuart Dahlquist after his departure from Sunn O))) and Goatsnake, respectively. Their first show was on March 23, 2004 at The Rainbow in Seattle, Washington.[1] Not long after their debut recording Capitchos I-80 would be released a split with Burning Witch in 2004 on Dos Fatales. Their debut album entitled Futurists Against The Ocean would follow the next year on Web of Mimicry, with their first tour to follow in 2004 and sharing the stage with High on Fire and Khanate to name a few.[2]

Eventually, Asva would tour Europe in 2008 with Gravetemple and release their second album entitled What You Don't Know Is Frontier on Southern Records. the band would follow up with another tour of Europe in 2009. The band would follow up with two more albums in Presence of Absence (2011) and Empires Should Burn... (2012) though no known touring would follow of it.

Currently, Dahlquist and Edgy 59 of Burning Witch also have a project together named The Poisoned Glass along with a previous project known as Dama/Libra.



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Current MembersEdit

  • G. Stuart Dahlquist - Bass, Organ
  • Toby Driver - Guitars, Vocals
  • Nick Hudson
  • Ron Varod
  • Adam Dahlquist

Former MembersEdit

  • Andrew McInnis - Organ
  • Dylan Carlson - Guitars
  • Brad Mowen - Drums, Vocals
  • John Schuller - Guitars
  • Trey Spruance - Guitars, Keyboards, Samples
  • Troy Swanson - Organ
  • Jessika Kenney - Vocals
  • Billy Anderson - Guitars, Vocals
  • Daniel La Rochelle - Guitars
  • Milky Burgess - Guitars
  • Holly Johnson - Vocals
  • Ben Thomas - Percussion
  • David Webb - Guitars
  • Rick Troy - Guitars
  • Jake Weller - Trumpet
  • Greg Gilmore - Drums

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