Apocalypsis Damnare
Studio album by Rigor Sardonicous
Released 1999
Recorded August 1999 at Dare Studios
Genre Doom metal
Funeral doom
Length 41:47
Label Independent
Rigor Sardonicous chronology
Risus ex Mortuus
Apocalypsis Damnare
Principia Sardonica

Apocalypsis Damnare is the debut studio album by Rigor Sardonicous. It was released in 1999 and was re-recorded for a 2005 version.

Background Edit

On this album I felt that I found my way within the style we were striving for. We were in a death metal band prior and on Risus Ex Mortuus my songs reflected the shedding of that format. Overall we felt really good about Apocalypsis Damnare and we learned much more about the recording and mastering process and felt more comfortable in our musical style.
— Joseph Fogarazzo, No Clean Singing

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Apocalypsis Damnare"   6:47
2. "Pandemic"   6:49
3. "Human Rot"   5:37
4. "Saprophyte"   5:30
5. "Holy Suicide"   3:27
6. "Misery"   6:27
7. "The Deathless Sol"   7:10
Total length:
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