Ancient Dreams
Ancient Dreams.jpg
Studio album by Candlemass
Released November 23 1988
Recorded August 1988 at Nacka Recording House in Stockholm, Sweden
Genre Epic Doom Metal
Length 58:31
Label Active, Enigma, Metal Blade
Producer Candlemass
Candlemass chronology
Ancient Dreams
Tales of Creation

Ancient Dreams is the third studio album by the Swedish epic doom metal band Candlemass. It would be released in November 1988 just a little over a year after their breakthrough Nightfall. Notably it is the only Candlemass album to chart on the Billboard 200 and has since been regarded as a cult classic.

The cover art of the album is a painting made by Thomas Cole, second in his series, "The Voyage of Life", entitled "Youth".

Background[edit | edit source]

Work would begin on the third Candlemass album not long after touring was finished for Nightfall. Edling had stated that the band suffered writer's block early on and at the time of release was not fond of the mix which he had cited as "And Justice For All-inspired" and "dry". The band also cited the label rushing the mix to get the album out in time for a North American tour that fall.[1]

Ancient Dreams would see release on 23 November 1988 and despite the album not being as critically acclaimed as Nightfall at the time, managed to peak at no. 174 on the Billboard 200, where it stayed on the charts for six weeks (And the only Candlemass album to chart in the United States.).[2] The album also peaked at #45 on the Swedish Albums Chart. The album has since attained near-universal praise in the years since it's release.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

"Epistle 81" (Märk hur vår skugga), was written by Swedish poet/musician Carl Michael Bellman (1740 – 1795). "Incarnation of Evil" is actually a reworked version of the old Nemesis track "Black Messiah." Lastly the CD bonus track "Black Sabbath Medley" comprises of portions of several Black Sabbath songs: "Symptom of the Universe", "Sweet Leaf", "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", "Into the Void", "Electric Funeral", "Supernaut", "Black Sabbath".

From 2001 onwards, beginning with Powerline Records and also issued by the likes of Peaceville, Candlelight Records USA and Svart, Ancient Dreams would be re-mastered and re-issued with liner notes, bonus live tracks and an interview.

Candlemass would perform an "Ancient Dreams" set on two occasions. First would be on 28 December at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. Along with a standard Candlemass set the band performed the entire album, featuring guests such as Jörgen Sandström (Krux, Entombed, Grave) and Thorsten Flinck (Rockvindar).[9][10] At the 2014 edition of Roadburn Festival in Tilburg on 11 April 2014 the band performed seven of the album's eight songs with a two-song encore and Allen Averill (Primordial) as a guest.[11] Both sets had Mats Levén as the lead vocalist.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]


Candlemass - Ancient dreams(full album)


Candlemass - "Mirror Mirror" Official Video (1988)

All songs written by Leif Edling except where noted.

  • 1. Mirror Mirror (6:15)
  • 2. A Cry From The Crypt (7:24)
  • 3. Darkness in Paradise (6:46)
  • 4. Incarnation of Evil (7:19)
  • 5. Bearer of Pain (7:23)
  • 6. Ancient Dreams (7:04)
  • 7. The Bells of Acheron (5:21)
  • 8. Epistle no. 81 (4:37) (Carl Michael Bellman; arr. Edling
  • 9. Black Sabbath Medley (6:14) (Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward)

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