Amphetamine Reptile Records
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Record label information
Founded 1986
Genre(s) Noise Rock, Stoner Rock, Sludge Metal, Garage Rock
Country of Origin USA
Based in Minneapolis
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Amphetamine Reptile Records is a noise rock/grunge/heavy rock label out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Active since 1986 and run by Tom Hazelmyer (Halo of Flies) the label gained significant notoriety with Minnesota noise rock icons Cows and releases by Helmet, Janitor Joe and label regulars The Melvins. Around that time the label used an "ARR" prefix for their catalog and had distribution through Glitterhouse. By the 2000s the model would change (As indicated by their SCALE catalog numbers) and their ethos would focus more on limited vinyl with screenprinted covers, selling them just as much for their art as the music.

The label is also known for their curated compilation series known as Dope-Guns-'N-Fucking In The Streets and their bi-yearly BASH, a mini-festival held at Hazelmyer's bar Grumpy's.


Amphetamine Reptile Records would be founded in 1986 by Tom Hazelmyer, following a tenure in the United States Marines and originally starting the label to release records by his band, Halo of Flies. The label initially started in Washington state, establishing a working relationship with the likes of Sub Pop and distribution through Glitterhouse. The label's early years specialized in noise rock, notably releasing Helmet's debut album Strap It On and selling more than 40,000 copies. According to Hazelmyer, the success of the album was vital to keeping AmRep going throughout the 1990s, as it "helped support the other things that sold less."

By the 2000s the label would re-locate to Minneapolis, Minnesota and the business model of the label would also change. The label would begin to release more limited vinyl releases, many of which would sell out quickly. The label's statement is often that most of these rare and collectible releases could be procured for the art rather than the music, which can be found freely on the internet.

The label has hosted several art showcases throughout the United States over the years and even became the subject of a 2014 documentary entitled The Color of Noise[1] with a theatrical premiere on 30 May 2014 at Third Man Records' Blue Room in Nashville, Tennessee.[2]

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