All Things HEAVY
Banner/Promotional piece for All Things HEAVY, drawn by Cory Fusting.
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Launch Date 2007 (Inactive as of 2020.)
Current Status Defunct
All Things HEAVY (Formerly known as Burning Sensations) was a radio program at WRFL 88.1FM in Lexington, Kentucky. Hosted by Mike Bray, it is a two-hour showcase of all things metal, specifically in the doom, stoner and sludge genres. On occasion the show will have special tributes or even on rare occasion be presented as a full reggae show, cited as "heavier in a different way".

It is held every Saturday from 4PM to 6PM Eastern time, available to stream online or to listen through the radio in the Lexington, Kentucky area.


Burning Sensations had started in roughly 2006 by WRFL as a means to promote heavy metal within the college circle as more heavy bands had seen their way through the city at the time. Matt Gibson hosted the show from 2006 - 2011 it is known Mike Bray became a DJ at WRFL in 2011 and took over the show in 2012 as being passionate for metal he fit the bill perfectly. By 2015, Bray would become the metal director.

Bray would officially take over as the metal director at WRFL and change the show's name to All Things HEAVY, hosting two hours of music every Saturday. On occasion the show will play entire new albums by bands as a means to promote them or even have local bands performing live on air such as Dirtbag, Sonic Altar, Stampede and Gassed to name a few.

In early October 2017 it was announced by Bray that he would be taking a leave from the show due to health reasons but still would provide the playlists. On 2 December 2017 Bray would return to the show as host.

On 19 October 2019, WRFL and All Things HEAVY would host their first festival known as Wretched Fest Lex at Al's Bar and Al's Sidecar, featuring seven bands of various heavy genres.

In June of 2020 All Things HEAVY would come to an end though Bray would remain involved with WRFL as their metal director.

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