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Alive At The F*cker Club
Alive At The Fucker Club.jpg
Live album by Melvins
Released 1998
Genre Sludge Metal, Grunge
Length 21:41
Label Amphetamine Reptile Records
Melvins chronology
Singles 1-12
Alive At The F*cker Club
The Maggot

Alive At The F*cker Club (Also known as Alive At The Fucker Club) is a live EP by Melvins, recorded during a tour of Australia in 1997 supporting Cosmic Psychos. A common story on this three-date tour is that the Friday and Saturday night shows were pretty much the same, and as you hear it on the album. The Sunday night show, being the last night of the tour, was very different. The did a lot more of their experimental stuff, including a full-length version of Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive" which was considerably shortened on the other nights.

The length of the first four tracks doesn't match the songs: "Boris" is 0:00 (track 1) to 5:00 (track 1), "It's Shoved" is 5:00 (track 1) to 2:10 (track 2), "Bar-X-The Rocking M" is 2:10 (track 2) to 1:26 (track 3), "Smoke on the Water (Jam)" is 1:26 (track 3) to 1:48 (track 3) and "Antitoxidote" is 1:48 (track 3) to the end of track 4. The jam of Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" is uncredited.

The original release of this live album was in 1998 via Amphetamine Reptile Records, featuring a dead dingo on the cover and inside jokes on Australia throughout it's 4-panel CD. A 2011 reissue saw a CD released in a numbered edition of 50 with letterpress sleeves by Mackie Osborne for sale on tour.

On 1 April 2020 it would be announced that Amphetamine Reptile Records would re-issue the live album as Alive At The Fucker Club on CD and for the first time, 10" vinyl with new art by HAZE XXL.[1]


All songs written by Buzz Osborne except where noted.

  • 1. Boris (6:06)
  • 2. It's Shoved (2:54)
  • 3. Bar-X-The-Rocking-M (1:58) (Crover, Deutrom, Osborne)
  • 4. Antitoxidote (2:06)
  • 5. The Bloat (3:28)
  • 6. Lizzy (3:13) (Osborne, Crover)
  • 7. Mombius Hibachi (1:56) (Osborne, Crover, Deutrom)


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