Albert Witchfinder
Background information
Birth Name Sami Albert Hynninen
Alias Ancient Fisherman, Sami Albert Israel Shamballah Hynninen
Born March 18, 1976
Lohja, Finland
Occupation Musician
Genres Doom metal, black metal, progressive rock, noise, punk rock, gothic rock, electropop, synth-pop
Instrument(s) Bass, vocals
Years active 1995–present
Labels Spikefarm Records
Associated acts Reverend Bizarre
The Puritan
Opium Warlords
Spiritus Mortis

Sami Albert Hynninen (born March 18, 1976 in Lohja, Finland), better known by the stage name Albert Witchfinder, is a Finnish musician and artist, best known for forming doom metal bands like Reverend Bizarre, The Puritan and Spiritus Mortis. He was awarded with his musical merit at the Somnium Scholarship in 2009. In 1998, the publishing house Sarjamafia released Hynninen's first comic album, Magical Journey. Since then, Hynninen has become known especially as a sheet music artist for doom metal bands such as Jex Thoth.

Hynninen is a vegetarian who has spoken publicly in recent years, in addition to animal rights and nature conservation, about inter alia the future of racism and sex.

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