Al's Bar
Al's Bar (With the former Sidecar in the building next to it)
Background information
Founded 1960s (Bar Established)
2007 (Earliest Concert)
Capacity 250
Location Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Al's Bar is a venue in Lexington, Kentucky. Though it hosts locals and traveling bands of all genres, the venue for a time hosted a plethora of independent and touring doom, stoner, sludge, death metal, black metal and punk bands. The bar itself had been around since the 1960s but upon new ownership became a regular spot for touring bands and locals since 2007. The venue also had a side building for more extreme and heavy acts known as Al's Sidecar since 2007 though in 2013 this would be revamped into a Beer Garden.[1]

Notably, it also hosts the Lexington Lexington Festival, The Blood of the Wolf Fest (In four of it's five editions) and in it's final year the after-party for Doomslang.

On 19 November 2018 it would be announced that the current owners of Al's Bar have put the business up for sale and possibly even the building itself with the right offer.[2] Al's Bar would find new ownership in April 2019[3] and go through an extensive remodeling process, finishing in August 2019.[4]

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Al's Bar[edit | edit source]

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