Age Eternal
Middian Age Eternal
Studio album by Middian
Released March 20 2007
Recorded 2006 at Dogwood Studios in Elmira, Oregon
Genre Progressive Doom Metal
Length 57:13
Producer Jeff Olsen, Josh Alderson, Middian
Middian chronology
Age Eternal

Age Eternal is the only studio album by doom metal band Middian, released on 20 March 2007 via Metal Blade Records.


When Yob broke up in late 2005, Mike Scheidt formed Middian not long after along with Scott Headrick and Will Lindsay. By the summer of 2006 the band had begun work in the studio and signed a contract with Metal Blade Records. By the end of the year the band had the album completed. Age Eternal saw release on CD circa 20 March 2007 with a release party in April, followed by the band touring alongside Minsk. A 2LP vinyl edition limited to 500 copies saw release later in 2007.

Due to the lawsuit from Wisconsin-based groove metal band Midian this album would quickly go out-of-print with Middian disbanding the next year. Thus, Age Eternal is out-of-print with the vinyl edition becoming a collectible among traders circles.

Middian - Age Eternal

Middian - Age Eternal


All songs arranged by Middian. All music and lyrics by Scheidt.

CD EditionEdit

  • 1. Dreamless Eye (9:35)
  • 2. The Blood Of Icons (11:30)
  • 3. Age Eternal (14:04)
  • 4. The Celebrant (6:11)
  • 5. Sink To The Center (15:48)

2LP EditionEdit

  • A1. Dreamless Eye (9:35)
  • A2. The Celebrant (6:11)
  • B. The Blood Of Icons (11:30)
  • C. Age Eternal (14:04)
  • D. Sink To The Center (15:48)


  • Mike Scheidt - Guitar, Vocals, Mixing
  • Will Lindsay - Bass, Vocals, Mixing
  • Scott Headrick - Drums, Mixing
  • Monsters of Pot - Noises (5)
  • Grant Eskriett - Additional Vocals (5)
  • Ben Ward - Additional Vocals (5)
  • Jeff Olsen - Engineer
  • Josh Alderson - Mixing
  • John Golden - Mastering
  • Ross Sewage - Artwork, Layout



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