Across The River
Across The River 1985 Demo Tape
Studio album by Across The River
Released 1985
Recorded in La Quinta, California, USA
Genre Desert Rock, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Length 49:46
Across The River chronology
Across The River
Across The River is a 1985 demo album by the Desert Rock band of the same name. Recorded on a 4-track cassette "Portastudio" in our garage it's the only recordings of the band in any capacity.


At some point in 1985 while Across The River was playing around in the California area, they had recorded fifty minutes worth of songs and jams to a 4-track in their garage which, for many years, was a mythical release among the stoner scene. It is known SST approached the band to release a full-length in 1986 but Across The River would disband before anything could be fleshed out.

"Back To Zero" and "No Mas" would be re-worked and credited to The Obsessed on their second album Lunar Womb (Which Reeder performed on.). More notably in 1994 the song "N.O." would be recorded by Kyuss as a tribute to the band for Welcome to Sky Valley. "The Silver Tree" also appears on Reeder's 2006 solo album TunnelVision Brilliance.

In May 2014, Scott Reeder uploaded the entire tape on his own personal YouTube channel.

ACROSS THE RIVER - 1985 demo tape-0

ACROSS THE RIVER - 1985 demo tape-0


  • N. O.
  • Leaving
  • Back To Zero/No Mas
  • White Man's Dream
  • Blues One
  • To Fly
  • Silent Ride
  • The Silver Tree
  • Various Jams in The Garage


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