Acid and Gasoline
Acid and Gasoline.jpg

Extended play by Solarfeast
Released 1992
Recorded 1992?
Genre Stoner Rock, Punk Rock
Solarfeast chronology
Debut Release
Acid and Gasoline

Acid and Gasoline (aka Acid + Gasoline) is a 7" single released by the stoner/punk rock quartet Solarfeast. Released around 1992 via the Milk Sop label, Acid and Gasoline was released on white vinyl with a picture sleeve. However very little information beyond that is known.


  • A. Southern Fist
  • B. Moon Madness


  • Vic du Monte - Guitar, Vocals
  • Tony Tornay - Drums
  • Nick Nava - Bass
  • Mike Moracha - Guitar


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