A Basket Of Mammoths
A Basket of Mammoths
The Mammoths performing live.
Background information
Also known as ABOM
Origin Melbourne, Australia
Genres Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Years active 2012 - Present
Labels Mammoth Records
Website [
Current members Sam Krieger
Lachlan Mill
Alex Minicz

A Basket Of Mammoths is a three piece hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The band combines the classic combo of guitar, bass, drums and vocals to create their own unique and ever-evolving blend of psychedelic stoner rock complete with heavy riffs, long spacey jams and solos that’ll rip your face off!


A Basket of Mammoths started sometime in 2012 by the trio of Krieger, Mill and Minicz in Melbourne with a burning desire to play stoner rock. The band'e earliest known show would come on 19 September at the Bendigo Hotel.[1] a self-titled EP would be released circa 14 December 2013. Playing gigs on a semi-regular basis supporting various acts, the band would quickly follow up with a CD single for I Am The Wolf on 26 September 2014 with a release show at The Grace Darling.[2]

Eventually A Basket of Mammoths would unleash their first full-length album Unkept and Matted on 12 August 2016. The band remains active performing in Australia.


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Current MembersEdit

  • Sam Krieger - Guitar/Vocals
  • Lachlan Mill - Bass/Vocals
  • Alex Minicz - Drums/Vocals

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