Full layout of the Live White release by the label.
Record label information
Founded 2002 (Ended in 2009)
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Drone Metal, Drone, Experimental Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Avant-Garde, Noise Rock
Country of Origin United States
Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

aRCHIVE was a label run by Scott Slimm. Active from 2003 - 2009 this label was known for initially being releases of live albums on CD with elaborate, meticulous covers and design to serve as a artistic compliment to the recording though the label would put out studio releases. According to an interview with HSS, the label was formed out of a fascination for legendary Japanese avant-garde musician Keiji Haino. [1]


Slimm began the label in 2003, known in the underground scene as a bootleg collector and even one to record shows as well. Though the label began as a means to put out some of Slimm's live recordings the label would evolve into studio releases. All releases were put out with approval of the respective bands and even in some cases working in direct collaboration with the bands themselves. Slimm's ethos is described as such in the early page here:

“For the past 17 years or so I've been an avid collector and fan of live and obscure audio. I started out mostly with old hardcore, punk, and metal, but over the years through certian "bridge" artists my interests have grown to include many different styles and types of music. About five years ago, mostly due to being annoyed that i couldn't get decent quality recordings of the bands i liked, I purchased some recording gear. I've been consistently upgrading mics and recording decks over that time and have amassed a pretty sizable collection of DATs. The Main purpose of aRCHIVE is to release small run CD's from this collection. I'd like to think that this would offer some form of documentation so that notable performances become something that exist beyond just the night they took place. All releases will be authorized by artist, so these will not be bootlegs. My hope is that all the releases will be thought of as high quality for audio content, aesthetic, and design.”
— Scott Slimm, aRCHIVE[2]

The first official release was Live White by Sunn O))), released in 2005 per approval of the band. Before this release the label unofficially published roughly 10 (of a proposed 20) of a six-CD box set of a Fushitsusha live performance spanning six hours, though this particular release was never intended to be released for public sale. All releases were published in a limited fashion, most of which were not repressed once sold out.

Over time the label would gain more releases, mainly through bands Slimm kept in contact over the years such as Boris, Khanate, Earth, Haino, Growing and LSD March to name a few. James Plotkin was a frequent contributor to the label in terms of mastering, some recording and the later DVD releases.

The label would eventually go defunct in roughly 2009 or 2010.

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