A diagram of the live setup for 77BOADRUM.
Tour of
Year 7 July 2007
Region Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn, New York
Boredoms tour chronology
(7 July 2007)

77BOADRUM was a one-off appearance of Japanese experimental psych troupe Boredoms. On 7 July 2007 (7-7-07) the band performed a special show in Ferry State Park in Brooklyn with their core lineup (Yamantaka Eye, Yoshimi P-We, Yojiro Tatekawa, and Muneomi Senju) along with 74 other drummers (Eye was member zero). The show was started at 7:07 PM on July 7th 2007. Boredoms stood at the center as 77 drummers on full snake around them in spirals, like the coils of a boa constrictor.


Composing and Creating the BOADRUMEdit

The Boredoms 77 Boa Drum Part One

The Boredoms 77 Boa Drum Part One

The Boredoms -77BOADRUM

The Boredoms -77BOADRUM

Boredoms - 77 Boadrum - Part 1 (with download)

Boredoms - 77 Boadrum - Part 1 (with download)

Boredoms - 77 Boadrum - Part 2 (with download)

Boredoms - 77 Boadrum - Part 2 (with download)

Prior to this concept concert, Eye has said that the number 77 became significant to him when he climbed the Sun Temple and counted 77 steps. Through 2006 and 2007 the show was planned, attaining drummers from all over the world in a wide range of music. Several drummers were assigned as "captains" to which the other drummers would follow them as they led the rhythms conducted throughout. The performance would be conducted at Ferry State Park, right by the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tickets were given out free for those to view the concert up-close though footage exists of the performance being shot from a nearby bridge On 7 July 2007 at 7:07PM the concert began and though intended to only go 77 minutes, went for roughly 100. Attendees were requested to only film the first seven minutes. The concert was done in coincidence with Live Earth and filmed by VBS-TV and VIVA-RADIO among others. Jun Kawaguchi would compile footage and photos for documentaries. The event would be covered by the likes of The New York Times,[1] Pitchfork[2] and Dangerous Minds[3] among others.

Releases, Documentaries and AftermathEdit

The first Boadrum release came on 26 November 2008 via Commmons, featuring a 2CD set and a 20-minute DVD, packaged in a full-color hardcover book.[4] Thrill Jockey would release a DVD in 2010 featuring the full performance along with interviews with all of the players, packaged in a four-panel DVD wallet with postcards.[5]

The band continued the concept on 8 August 2008 with two concerts called 88 Boadrum held in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, sponsored by NIKE. Boredoms headlined the Los Angeles show while Gang Gang Dance conducted the Brooklyn show.

A third concert, Boadrum 9, took place on 9 September 2009 at Terminal 5 in New York City. It featured 9 drummers in total, two from Boredoms (Yoshimi and Yojiro) and seven others from prominent experimental music acts, namely Zach Hill (Hella), Hisham Bharoocha (Soft Circle, ex: Black Dice, Lightning Bolt), Butchy Fuego (Pit er Pat), Kid Millions (Oneida), Jeremy Hyman (Ponytail), Dave Nuss (No-Neck Blues Band) and Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear). All performers listed except Hill performed on the origina BOADRUM.

In 2010, Boredoms toured internationally including two Boadrum performances at All Tomorrow's Parties curated by Matt Groening at Butlins Minehead, England, in addition to shows in London, Japan, Mexico and as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival on 10 October 2010.

In 2011, Boredoms premiered new material at the All Tomorrows Parties "I'll Be Your Mirror" festival in Tokyo. Six drummers were arranged in a circle around Eye, who used motion sensors to trigger ambient drone soundscapes created by Shinji Masuko that corresponded to each drummer. The music featured highly repetitive motorik rhythms that grew in complexity over the course of the hour long set. The band was chosen by Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel to perform at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival that he curated in March 2012 in Minehead, England. That gig (performed twice during the festival) featured 14 guitarists and 6 drummers.

In June 2015 Boredoms performed another development of the Boardrum series at the Barbican Centre in London, UK as part of Doug Aitken's Station to Station: A 30-Day Happening. The performance featured Eye, Yoshimi, Tatekawa, Masuko, and an expanded lineup of drummers and guitarists surrounded by 88 percussionists all playing cymbals.


The lineup is listed in order that the BOADRUM was composed. Performers 0 - 3 were the center of the BOADRUM. Performers 4, 14, 22, 33, 39, 47, 53 and 62 were designated drum captains.

  • 0. Yamatsuka Eye (Boredoms, Hanathrash, Z-Rock Hawaii, etc.) - Vocals, Effects, Conductor
  • 1. Yo2ro (Boredoms, Hanadensha, Paz Nova) - Drums
  • 2. Yoshimi P-We (Boredoms, Nosie Ramones, Z-Rock Hawaii, etc.) - Drums
  • 3. Sen10 (Boredoms) - Drums
  • 4. Hisham Akira Bharoocha (Lightning Bolt, Black Dice, Kill Alters, etc.) - Drums
  • 5. Jesse Lee (Gang Gang Dance) - Drums
  • 6. Brian Tamborello (Psychic Ills, Strictly Ballroom, Incurable Complaint, etc.) - Drums
  • 7. Butchy Fuego (Pit Er Pat, Lucky Dragons, etc.) - Drums
  • 8. Warren Huegel (3 Leafs. The Transients, Tussle, etc.) - Drums
  • 9. Dave Abramson (Master Musicians of Bukkake, Spider Trio, etc.) - Drums
  • 10. Christopher Brokaw (Codeine, GG Allin, Consonant, etc.) - Drums
  • 11. Christopher Powell (Man Man, Lilys, Bent Leg Fatima, etc.) - Drums
  • 12. Jim Black (Der Rote Bereich, Franz Bauer, Peter Epstein, etc.) - Drums
  • 13. David Aron (Koi Pond) - Drums
  • 14. Robin Easton (The Skanksters, The Liquidaires) - Drums
  • 15. Abby Portner (Animal Collective, First Nation, Rings) - Drums
  • 16. Taylor Richardson (Sunburned Hand of The Man, Infnity Window, Purple Haze) - Drums
  • 17. Michael Catano (State Champs, The Got To Get Out, The Holy Shroud, etc.) - Drums
  • 18. Aviram Cohen (Dim Diamond, Silk Flowers, etc.) - Drums
  • 19. Jim Sykes (Grooms, Hidden Rifles, Invisible Things, Parts & Labor) - Drums
  • 20. Keith Connolly (Dendoshi 2, No-Neck Blues Band, The Suntanama) - Drums
  • 21. Nick DeCarmine (Downtown Churchmice) - Drums
  • 22. Jaiko Suzuki (The Crystal Ark, The Vanity Set) - Drums
  • 23. David Grubbs (Bastro, Squirrel Bait, Codeine, Gasr Del Sol, Red Krayola, etc.) - Drums
  • 24. Jarred Barron (Primordial Undermind) - Drums
  • 25. Chris Millstein (Psychic Ills, Charter Oak, etc.) - Drums
  • 26. Barbara Schauwecker - Drums
  • 27. Jared Burak (Sanguine Piss, Sanguine Vessel, etc.) - Drums
  • 28. Pete Vogl (Bow Ribbons, Koi Pond) - Drums
  • 29. Marianne Kozlowski (The Punks) - Drums
  • 30. Nadav Havusha (AA) - Drums
  • 31. Nathan Corbin (Blazer Sound System, Zebrablood) - Drums
  • 32. Clare Amory (Excepter) - Drums
  • 33. Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear, etc.) - Drums
  • 34. Alianna Kalaba (Facs, We Regazzi) - Drums
  • 35. Rick Prior (Meridian 1520) - Drums
  • 36. Josh Madell (Antietam) - Drums
  • 37. John McSwain (Gators!) - Drums
  • 38. Justin DeRosa (United States) - Drums
  • 39. David Nuss (Sabbath Assembly, Angelblood, GazHeart, etc.) - Drums
  • 40. Count Hejkowski (Cold Bleak Heat, Steve Sewell, The Infinite, etc.) - Drums
  • 41. Sadie Laska (Growing, I.U.D.) - Drums
  • 42. Alan Licht (Lee Ranaldo, Loren Connors, etc.) - Drums
  • 43. Travis Harrison (ESP Ohio) - Drums
  • 44. Andrya Ambro (Gold Dime, Talk Normal) - Drums
  • 45. Jeff Salane (Panthers, Orchid) - Drums
  • 46. Jim Abramson (Auto Body, Death Rattle, Dymaxion) - Drums
  • 47. Andy McLeod - Drums
  • 48. Michael Evans (God Is My Co-Pilot, etc.) - Drums
  • 49. David LeBleu (The Mercury Program, After, Bimini, etc.) - Drums
  • 50. Adam Autry (Intent, Landed, Olneyville Sound System, The Golden Touch) - Drums
  • 51. Spencer Herbst (Matta Llama, Messages, Rhyton) - Drums
  • 52. Dreiky Caprice (Crash Worship, Morricone Youth) - Drums
  • 53. Kid Millions (Oneida, Soldiers of Fortune, White Hills, etc.) - Drums
  • 54. Jim Seigel (Cul de Sac, Damo Suzuki's Network, Raspberry Bulbs, You Hung) - Drums
  • 55. Jonathan Lockie (Insayngel, Sightings) - Drums
  • 56. Lizzy Bougatsos (Angelblood, Gang Gang Dance) - Drums
  • 57. Andrew W.K (Marky Ramone, Music Band, The Hercules, etc.) - Drums
  • 58. Andee Connors (High Tone Son of a Bitch, Common Elder, J Church, etc.) - Drums
  • 59. Mike Pride (Brandon Evans, Evil Eye, etc.) - Drums
  • 60. Aron Wahl (AA) - Drums
  • 61. Spencer Sweeney (Gelcaps) - Drums
  • 62. Ryan Sawyer (At The Drive-In, Galaxian, Etc.) - Drums
  • 63. Daniel Franz (Arbouretem, Beach House) - Drums
  • 64. Chris Moore (Crossed Wire, Negative Approach) - Drums
  • 65. Allison Busch (Awesome Color, Call of The Wild, Foster Care) - Drums
  • 66. Miggie Littleton - Drums
  • 67. Sara Lund (The Belgian Waffles!, Unwound, Witchypoo) - Drums
  • 68. Eric Cohen (Autobody, Fly Ashtray, Daughters, etc.) - Drums
  • 69. Tim Dewit (Gang Gang Dance, The Crainium) - Drums
  • 70. Kayrock - Drums
  • 71. Josh Banati (AA, Rep Seki, Usurp Synapse) - Drums
  • 72. Jason Kourkonis (Bardo Pond, Burning Brides, LSD Pond, etc.) - Drums
  • 73. John Moloney (Chelsea Light, Howlin Rain, etc.) - Drums
  • 74. Than Luu (Black Gold) - Drums
  • 75. Matt Schulz (Oxygen) - Drums
  • 76. Oran Canfield (Child Abuse, Dig That Body Up, It's Alive) - Drums
  • 77. Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt, Mindflayer, Wasted Shirt) - Drums

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