4 Ciénegas
4 Ciénegas
Background information
Origin Mexico
Genres Heavy Psych, Desert Rock, Fuzz
Years active 2014-present
Associated acts Vinnum Sabbathi, Megatones, Bar de Monjas, Los Dealers
Website Facebook
Current members Gerardo Arias
Juan Alberto Tamayo
Fausto Rivera
Daniel Geyne
Past members Alejandro Tinajero

4 Ciénegas are a four-piece heavy psych and desert rock band formed in Mexico City, Mexico in 2013.

History Edit

4 Ciénegas were formed in Mexico City, Mexico in 2013 by Gerardo Arias (lead guitar), Fausto Rivera (guitar), Daniel Geyne (drums) and Alejandro Tinajero (bass).[1][2] Prior to the formation of 4 Ciénegas, their members had played in various fuzz and doom bands, such as Vinnum Sabbathi (Arias), Megatones (Rivera and Tinajero), Bar de Monjas (Arias and Rivera) and Los Dealers (Geyne).[2]

Early in 2014, Tinajero left the band as was replaced on bass by Juan Alberto Tamayo, formerly of Vinnum Sabbathi.[1] The band produced their first release on May 13th 2014 in the form of their EP Celoma. [3] The EP was self produced through Garageband between 2013 and 2014.[3] Their second release came on July 1st 2015 with the studio album Cuatro Ciénegas.[4] It was recorded at Vesubio 34 in Mexico City during February 2015.[4]


4 Ciénegas Salem Trials

4 Ciénegas Salem Trials

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  • 6th Best EP of 2014 - Round Tripp Tumblr[5]

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V·T·E 4 Ciénegas
Current Members Gerardo AriasJuan Alberto TamayoFausto RiveraDaniel Geyne
Past Members Alejandro Tinajero
Studio Albums Cuatro Ciénegas
Extended Plays Celoma
Associated Bands and Artists Vinnum SabbathiMegatonesBar de MonjasLos Dealers
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