Background information
Origin Ossi, Sardinia, Italy
Genres Doom Metal, Occult Rock
Years active 2018 - Present
Labels Electric Valley Records, Heavy Psych Sounds
Associated acts Raikanas, Hellfrost, Unholy Impurity, Valpurga
Website 1782 on Facebook

1782 is an occult doom band based out of Sardinia, Italy. Formed in December 2018 by Marco Nieddu and Gabriele Fancellu of Raikanas (A heavy rock duo both performed in prior to forming 1782),[1] this band exudes a heavy witch theme to their blend of doom. The band's name itself derives from the year Anna Göldi was condemned, tortured and killed. This was the last witchcraft trial in Europe and the band was formed to honor all of the witches murdered by the bigoted minds of many generations.

The band would premiere a single in She Was a Witch on 17 January 2019, followed by the eponymous 1782 on Heavy Psych Sounds on 24 May to positive reviews. The band's first known live performance would take place on 25 May at Alex Bar in Ossi as part of a double release party with Elepharmers.[2] The band would perform a handful of shows throughout 2019 including an appearance at Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Dresden. A tour of Europe was intended for 2020 to support 1782 including an appearance at Desertfest London but would be canceled due to The CO-VID19 Pandemic.

On 21 January 2021 it would be announced that 1782 had finished a second album and would release From The Graveyard on 26 March 2021, streaming a single in "Priestess of Death".[3]

Discography[edit | edit source]

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Marco Nieddu - Guitar, Bass, Vocals (2018 - Present)
  • Gabriele Fancellu - Drums, Vocals (2018 - Present)
  • Francecso Pintore - Bass (2019 - Present)

Tours[edit | edit source]

  • 2020 European Tour (Canceled) (2020)[4]

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