Frayle 1692
Studio album by Frayle
Released February 14 2020
Recorded 2018 - 2019
Genre Doom Metal, Occult Rock, Shoegaze, Post-Rock
Length 37:01
Label Aqualamb Records, Lay Bare Recordings
Producer Frayle
Frayle chronology
Dead Inside

1692 is the first studio album by the Cleveland, Ohio doom metal band Frayle. Recorded throughout 2018 and 2019, 1692 would be released via Lay Bare Recordings and Aqualamb Records on 14 February 2020. The album's name derives from the same year of the Salem Witch Trials, series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts beginning in February 1692 and ending in May 1693.


Following the release of their 2018 EP The White Witch Frayle would begin work on a debut album. Two songs would be released prior to the album's release as a 7" single in "Dead Inside" and "Godless". On 17 December 2019 Aqualamb Records would release a music video for the song "Gods of No Faith" (Which features guest vocals by Jason Popson of Mushroomhead notoriety.) while officially announcing details on 1692.[1]

In an interview with Metal Insider the core members of Frayle would talk about recording their debut album and it's general theme:

"[Bilovecky; On recording at home] We have a recording studio on the third floor of our house, so the biggest challenge was pushing ourselves to get it done. It’s amazing that the studio is there, but you tend to take it for granted and get into the mindset of “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” Having constant access to a studio can make it difficult to say when a song is actually done. We must have listened to each song on every speaker in (and around) the house at least thirty to forty times.

[Strang; On the lyrics] When I’m writing lyrics, it really is a catharsis for me. It’s the way I exorcise my demons. I get all the bad stuff out through writing and singing. I really wanted this record to feel like a sanctuary for anyone who has felt pushed out or like they don’t belong. "

— Frayle, Metal Insider [2]

A music video for "Darker Than Black" would be released on 31 January 2020, recorded live at Saint Vitus Bar.[3] A third music video for the album in "Godless" saw release on 7 February 2020.[4] 1692 would be released on 14 February 2020 on CD and Vinyl, via Brooklyn, New York label Aqualamb Records and Dutch label Lay Bare Recordings. The band also self-released a special edition with a complimentary book and patch. By April the Vinyl edition would be sold out.

1692 has attained praise from several critics. The Sludgelord would praise the album, stating that 1692 is an album with "insightful melodic lyrics, thick and unforgiving riffs, complex yet simple arrangements, this album has all of the above and more".[5] Wonderbox Metal would praise the album describing it as "Concise, focused, and hypnotically addictive.".[6] Echoes and Dust would point out the Portishead influence and ultimately cite the album as "an excellent debut, the band have taken from a wide variety of influences to create something quite unique.".[7] Lastly Metal Temple would award the album a perfect 10/10 score, praising Bilovecky's musicianship, the general atmosphere and Strang's lyrics that "embraces an arcane-like tale of emotions.".[8]

Other critics and reviewers whom would praise 1692 would be along the likes of Metal Wanderlust,[9] The Sleeping Shaman,[10] Outlaws of The Sun[11] and Eternal Terror[12] among others.


All songs written by Frayle.

  • 1. Introduction (Arise) (2:03)
  • 2. 1692 (5:10)
  • 3. Gods of No Faith (3:58)
  • 4. Monsters (0:09)
  • 5. Darker Than Black (4:36)
  • 6. Dead Inside (4:34)
  • 7. Burn (4:12)
  • 8. Godless (4:29)
  • 9. If You Stay (4:25)
  • 10. Stab (3:25)


  • Gwyn Strang - Vocals
  • Sean Bilovecky - Guitar
  • Elliot Rosen - Guitar
  • Eric Mzik - Bass
  • Pat Ginley - Drums
  • Jason Popson - Backing Vocals (3)

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